Do you like your pond but do not enjoy all of the upkeep? Our maintenance programs are offered on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed basis. We can come up with a maintenance plan to adapt to your pond needs. There are many different variables that will play into how often and involved a maintenance schedule may be, such as how many plants you have, if you have koi or other fish, and/or what type of system you have on your pond. Let’s work together to come up with a maintenance program that works for you.

    With years of experience, Missouri Pond Company will solve all of your pond problems quickly and correctly. We specialize in biological filtration systems and equipment installation. We have vast knowledge of u.v. lights, biological filters, external pumps, submersible pumps, auto fills and much more. So whether you have a leaking pond, your equipment is not working properly, or you need to upgrade your system, we provide the services to do it right.


    Even a well designed pond will eventually have to be cleaned out. Our cleanout services will give your pond a fresh new look. We are very experienced with handling koi and your pet’s safety is one of our main concerns. The koi will be held in a secure, well aerated, holding tank while we give them a clean new home. You can specify which plants you want cut back, plants you want fertilized, light bulbs you want replaced or anything else that may need to be done while the pond is empty. The work will always be done quickly and in the most clean and orderly fashion achievable.


    We provide construction services for any size pond or water feature. We can add to or rebuild existing water features. Missouri Pond Company specializes in construction of koi ponds with biological systems as well as Aquascape designs the right applications. We also construct pond-less waterfalls and wet walls as well. Missouri Pond Company provides many other landscape construction services such as pavestone patios, flagstone patios, retaining walls, irrigation systems, etc… If you have any other landscaping need contact us to inquire.


    Missouri Pond Company can also take care of all of your lighting needs as well. We can design, install, and repair any low voltage lighting system. Lighting a pond or water feature can provide one of the most satisfying parts of pond ownership. A correctly lit landscape can set your home apart and create a great atmosphere at night. Let Missouri Pond Company professionally design and install your nightscape.